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Los Angeles: 1932-33
Mexican houses on Capistrano Way toward east
Looking east from Michigan Avenue, overlooking Mexican quarter
View from Bunker Hill Avenue toward northwest; oldest oil derricks, Mexican neighborhood
View from Bunker Hill Avenue toward northeast; oldest oil derricks, Mexican neighborhood
Hotel Azteca, west side of Main Street between Temple Street and Plaza
Brooklyn Avenue and Ford Boulevard from southwest
View from Mexican quarter, North Ford Boulevard and Floral Drive
Mexican settlement north of gas tanks at railway section house, Pasadena
Mexican residences, Broadway Court, 920 South Broadway, Pasadena
Mexican frame homes on Castelar Street, east side, north of Ord Street
North Bunkerhill Street from Boston, looking north at rooming houses where Mexicans live
Mexican living quarters on Lookout Drive
Looking southeast on South Gless Street, south of 1st Street Yiddish Church, homes of Russians and Mexicans
Mexican house, looking northeast from Herbert Street
Looking north-northeast from hilltop of White Knoll Dr. toward Mexican settlement and Elysian Park; Paducah St. in foreground
Mexican houses on hillslope from North Hazard Avenue and Fairmount Street
Mexican quarter from Elysian Park
Mexican quarters from Elysian Park