New store! Valuable goods!

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New Store!


The subscribers have taken the new and spacious store, Corner of J street, (THE SECOND STORE IN THE NEW BLOCK,) Where they intend to keep the very best and most select stock of Staple Goods, Suitable for the Mines; ALSO, FOR FAMILY USE.

Having the very best facilities for receiving Goods direct from the States, we are enabled to offer Goods at the VERY LOWEST PRICES.

We are new opening a large stock of Goods, just received by the late arrivals, among them are FLOUR, SUGAR, PROVISIONS, CLOTHING, FRUITS, AND MANY CHOICE GOODS.

Also, a very Extra lot of Cigars, and many Mining Tools, &c.

Purchasers are respectfully invited to call and examine the samples, now ready for exhibition at the store.


Sacramento City, Jan. 21, 1850.

Printed at the Office of the Alta California, Portsmouth Square, San Francisco.

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