Preamble and resolutions read and adopted at the mass meeting held in the town of Sonora, on Sunday, July 21, 1850.

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Preamble and Resolutions Read and Adopted at the


Held in the Town of Sonora, on Sunday, July 21, 1850

The committee to whom was referred the duty of drafting certain resolutions, in regard to the protection of the lives and property of the American citizens of Tuolumne county, beg leave most respectfully to submit the following preamble and resolutions:

WHEREAS, The lives and property of the American citizens are now in danger, from the bands of lawless marauders of every clime, class and creed under the canopy of heaven, and scarcely a day passes but we hear of the commission of the most horrible murders and robberies; and as we have new in our midst the Peons of Mexico, the renegades of South America, and the convicts of the British Empire; we therefore submit the following:

Resolved, lst, That all Foreigners in Tuolumne county (except persons engaged in permanent business and of respectable characters) be required to leave the limits of said county, within fifteen days from this date, unless they obtain a Permit to remain from the authorities herein after named.

Resolved, 2d, That the authorities referred to, be a committee of three, to be chosen or selected by the American citizens of each Camp or Diggings.

Resolved, 3d, That all the good citizens of this county, shall resolve themselves into a committee of the whole to carry out the object of this meeting.

Resolved, 4th, That all foreigners in this county be , and they are hereby notified to turn over their fire arms and deadly weapons to the select men of each Camp or Diggings forthwith (except such as may have a permit to hold the same;) such select men shall give a receipt to such foreigner for the same, and each and every good citizen shall have power to disarm all foreigners.

Resolved, 5th, That the select men of each Camp or Diggings shall promptly carry out the duties assigned to them.

Resolved, 6th, That 500 copies in Spanish and English of these resolutions be published and forthwith distributed through the county.

Resolved, 7th, That the select men of each Camp or Diggings, take up the subscriptions to defray the necessary expenses of such publication, and remit the money thus collected to the proprietors and publishers of the Sonora Herald.


A. B. PERKINS, Tuolumne River,

SAMUEL CROSS, Stanislaus River,


ROBERT H. HILL, Stanislaus River,


JOHN CAVE, Jamestown,

JOHN G HARVIN, Empire City,

Sonora, Tuolumne County, July 21st, 1850.

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