Anatomical and surgical lectures.

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I desire to direct the attention of medical men of this Coast, and the adjacent States and Countries, to the advantages which the climate of SAN FRANCISCO offers above that of any other city of this Continent, or perhaps the World besides, for prosecuting the study of Practical Anatomy and of Operative Surgery.

Dissections are conducted here almost free from effluvium the whole year, but particularly from April to October, when the salubrious breezes preserve bodies for any desirable length of time. The Course of Anatomical and Surgical Lectures commenced by myself, in October, 1855, will be continued during the coming year, with little intermission, under the following arrangements, unless a change be duly announced.

lst. Lectures on Surgical Anatomy.

2d. Demonstrative Surgery upon the Cadaver.

3d. Experimental Surgery by Vivisections.

4th. Instructions upon Ophthalmic and Orthopaedic Medicine and Surgery.--Clinical Lectures, at the Eye, Ear, and Orthopaedic Infirmary of San Francisco.

The entire Course will be FREE during the ensuing year, and until other important changes are announced. My object in delivering Gratuitous Lectures, is to extend my acquaintance with Medical men of adjacent States and Countries, and to endeavor to keep Practical Anatomy and the principles of Surgery always before me, by adopting and confirming, if possible, habits of great industry in cultivating these branches. If, therefore, you have a Student whom you desire to place under such a Teacher, for a year or eighteen months, send im ; and it may open a channel for future reciprocity of favors between us.

Medical Students of the Tropical Countries, and of the Southern States of this Union, who are unable to pursue their studies, owing to ill health, unless their disease be that of the Kidneys or Lungs, should, by all means, resort to San Francisco, if in their power to do so, because there is probably no place on the Globe Where so long continued mental and physical labor can be endured as in this City ; and the health of the student need never suffer by protracted dissections, owing to the salubrious breezes mentioned.

EXPENSES. The expenses of living in San Francisco are but little more than in the older cities of this Continent, either in the Union or the Southern Republics. Good boarding and lodging can be obtained at from five to six dollars per week.

Further information will be most willingly given to those who desire it, and who address me accordingly. Medical men of Mexico, the Central & South Amer. Republics, as well as the Hawaiian Kingdom, receiving this Circular, would confer great favors by returning me all information at their command, in regard to Medical matters in their respective regions, particularly the names of Medical men and students, the number, names, and comparative standing of Medical Colleges, and the number of Pupils in attendance at each, &c. &c.

This interchange of favors, when kept up between members of the Profession, always tends to the elevation of all. Let us hereby commence it, regardless of the Country or Nation to which we belong. The principles of our noble Profession are not changed by the forms of Government.

Medical men of other States and Countries, visiting San Francisco, are respectfully invited to give me a call whenever it may be convenient for themselves ; and to such as design locating in California, it will, at all times, afford me much pleasure to give them all information, at my command, relating to the different portions of the State.

Your’s, Respectfully,

E. S. COOPER, A. M., M. D.

San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 10th, 1856.

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