Quartz mining laws of Nevada County.

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Article First.—The jurisdiction of the following laws shall extend over all quartz mines and quartz mining property within the County of Nevada.

Article Second.—Each proprietor of a quartz claim shall hereafter be entitled to one hundred feet on a quartz ledge or vein; and the discoverer shall be allowed one hundred feet additional. Each claim shall include all the dips, angles and variations of the vein.

Article Third.—On the discovery of a vein of quartz, three days shall be allowed to mark and stake off the same, in such manner, by name of the owner and number of the claim, or otherwise, as shall properly and fully identify such claims. Parties having claims may cause a map or plan to be made, and a copy filed with the Recorder if deemed requisite, to more particularly fix the locality.

Article Fourth.—Work to the extent of One Hundred Dollars in value, or twenty days faithful labor shall be performed by each Company holding claims, within thirty days from the date of recording the same ; as provided for in article Sixth of these laws ; and the duly authorized representative of a Company making oath that such money has been expended, or that such labor has been performed, shall be entitled to a certificate from a County Recorder or Deputy, guaranteeing undisputable possession of said claims, for the term of one year, and for a like sum of money or amount of labor expended or performed within twenty days of each succeeding year, duly acknowledged as herein named, shall entitle the claimants or company, from year to year, to further Certificates of undisputed proprietorship and possession ; and a Company having a Mill contracted for in good faith to the amount of Five Thousand Dollars, for the working of its claim or claims, the proper representatives of the Company making oath of the same, shall be entitled to receive from said County Recorder a title deed to said claim or claims guaranteeing to the claimants or Company, their successors and assigns, undisputed possession and proprietorship forever under these laws ; provided, that nothing in this article, shall be at any time inconsistent with the laws of the United States.

Article Fifth.—Whenever the requisite amount of money or labor as provided for in article Fourth has not been expended within thirty days from the adoption of these laws, the claim or claims thus neglected, shall be considered abandoned, and subject to be re-located by any other party or parties.

Article Sixth.—Any person, a citizen of the United States, or any person having taken the necessary steps to become a citizen of the United States, shall be entitled to hold one quartz claim, as provided for in article First, and as many more as may be purchased in good faith for a valuable consideration, for which certificates of proprietorship shall be issued by the County Recorder.

Article Seventh.—The regularly elected County Recorder of Nevada County shall serve as Recorder of this County in quartz claims, authenticating his acts by the County seal ; He shall appoint as his Deputy such person for Grass Valley as may be elected by the District of Grass Valley; and he shall pass his records to his successor.

Article Eighth.—The fees of the Recorder and Deputy shall be the same as the statute fees for recording per folio.

Article Ninth.—No title to a claim hereafter taken up or purchased, shall be valid unless recorded in the books of the aforesaid County Recorder or Deputy, within ten days of its location or purchase.

Passed December 20th, 1852, at Nevada, California.

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